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  • No interest

    Recently, waiting for another task and while browsing around my trade online account looking for something to buy, (by the way I call myself a #yolo stock buyer for buying stocks without studying the market thoroughly) I received a message from a good high school friend seeking for help financially. So I asked how much and for […]

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  • Tired

    I am tired. Every day, I have to work. I have to deal with other people giving me so much pressure and I hate that. Can we have a life that is not complicated? Can we have a life that has no competition? Can we have a life without pressure? Is it normal about life?

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  • deepdownroots

    Tonight I am washing away my frustrations; Though it’s hard as when cold touched the tip of my finger for mornings should be start with such; Soon I’ll get used to it. Tonight I am giving away my frustrations, Though it’s hard to control as when I had to pick up the only rum chocolate […]

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  • Naming the Rainbow

    The United States of America Court of Appeals has finally ceased the battle about same sex marriage, rewarding the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender) community their desired right (visit Rappler.com/SC legalizes gay marriage throughout US). The news did not only affect the people of US, it also gained different responses from different countries. While others raise […]

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  • Siargao – Cloud 9

    So we went here April 2015. Hoping that I can try surfing. But after reaching this place, in great fear and awe, I said no, not yet. This place is truly amazing. I thought only a surfer, can appreciate the place but I was wrong. There are lots of things you can do in this place. In […]

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  • A very tiring day yet fruitful

    10 March 2012 it’s unbelievable how i survived the challenges this day… I just know, God is in me kanina, hindi nya ko pinabayaan. Umaga pa lang, umuwi ako ng bahay 9:30am galing overnyt. pagod, walang tulog. pagdating ng bahay, I immediately packed up for school. Kumuha lng ako ng pera alis na agad. Pag sakay […]